How many dream that you're not IC?


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I love dreams. Nightmares suck. But I've had a recurring dream about me not being IC. I love that dream. Is it just me?
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I am incontinent in my dreams, though I doubt you’re the only one.

That said, I had one particularly memorable dream a while back where I was a kid again and hanging out with my best friend at his house, and I had to pee really bad. So I go to the bathroom and took off my diaper and peed in the toilet. It’s important to note that in real life I was continent back in the day. Anyways in my dream, I was surprised that it was that easy to pull that off and I even contemplated if I really need to wear diapers. Though I got my answer when I woke up and discovered I was soaked. 🤣
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I don't recall noticing anything in my dreams that would indicate whether I was wearing diapers or whether I was incontinent. I definitely will begin paying attention to that aspect in my dreams.
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I don't remember having any dreams like that
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No. And over the many decades, I have not had such a dream. I had dreams in which, I was able to avoid hitting the other car, but I never recalled that incontinence was any part of the dream.

So, are you writing a book?
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I have not had any dreams like that yet. I did use to have those dreams where I was wetting my self or was in water or something and I would wake up soaked. That was before I was wearing and was going to bed worried about wetting. Now I don’t have the dreams but I still wake up most mornings wet
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I've had a similar dream where I'm at work and I keep wetting myself and I have to go and change.
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Very interesting question for me! I was fully continent for around 60 years, UIC since about one year. Since months, in all of my dreams last months, I'm UIC just as in real life; incredible, how my brain adapted so quick my (relatively short termed new) condition!
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I've never had a dream of not being incontinent after nearly 30 years of being incontinent. But I have been having a variation on that theme.

I had a vasectomy at 35. I incurred total ED at 39, at the same time I became incontinent. I had aggressive prostate cancer with surgery and hormone therapy at 54, Recurrent aggressive prostate surgery at 58. Testicular cancer with surgery at 60. I have been widowed for over a dozen years. So sex is the farthest thing from my mind.

A year ago, I started suffering daily from "blue balls" and extreme libido. Very frustrating to feel like a hormone raging teenager when there is no functional plumbing left. I've been going through testing that shows normal testosterone, but elevated FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). FSH controls sperm growth, so elevated FSH means elevated sperm levels, which is the reason for the change. I just had an MRI to check for a pituitary tumor and am waiting for the results.

So, over the past several months I've been having dreams that my I have been going through testing for ED because my ED suddenly got better. Very confusing dreams dealing with very intense/painful erections, only to wake up and realize I'm in actual pain because of retention. Not sure what all is going on physiologically, but the combination is wreaking havoc on my junk and my dreams!

Sorry if this is TMI.
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I usually sleep like I'm in a coma. When I do dream it's right before I awake and sometimes they're intense. As for dreaming about not being IC, I have had that. It's not a recurring dream but every once in while. It's kind of cool. Most of my dreams are hard to remember. A fellow member recommend to write them in a journal. It's weird that a lot of them are me not wearing clothes. They're not actually nightmares but certainly intense.
greatlake5 said:
I usually sleep like I'm in a coma.
I’m the same way. Once I’m able to fall asleep, not even a freight train plowing through the house could wake me up. My poor mother used to worry if there was a fire, smoke alarms wouldn’t wake me up.