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So I'm supposed to make an introduction post? Okay then.

Here lies a somewhat crazy person.
She has many bizarre fetishes, including the one which this website is the subject of.
She is a semi-closeted trans girl.
She never uses profanity.
She is a polymath.
She is lazy.
She browses this website in incognito mode.
She plays chess.
She likes MLP and Disney cartoons.
She does not like video games or guns.
She will stop giving information here, due to paranoia of others linking her other online identities to here.

Good [time of day], yall. May this glorious internet bring you joy.

~cocoa, out. Someday she shall return.
Hello cocoa and welcome to the group.

This is certainly an interesting introduction, yet informative.

Again welcome to the group.
this seems cryptic

hmmmm....serects secrets are no fun, secrect secrets hurt somene
paddedskibum said:
hmmmm....serects secrets are no fun, secrect secrets hurt somene

The anonymity of this site is what draws many here and keeps us going. This is a support site and we help each other as best we can. Sometimes you need to be secretive.
Welcome to the forums, really intersting introduction. Hope your having fun here :D
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