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Hi im Jason! :)

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Hello everyone im new to this forum site but im glad there is a forum like this for me! I hope to make many friends and talk about similar interests and ideas. my hobbies are skating playing my bass guitar playing old school video games watching cartoons and listening to punk rock music. oh and hanging out with friends...oh! And of course diapers! Lol. im 21 years old and in college for everything business related. my dream is to start a skate board company. if you wanna talk all ya gotta do is message me. either here or kik (even though kik gets a bad rep from creeps wanting naked pics, i use it to talk to people easier seeing as i don't wanna give my number out to Amy random Joe schmoe lol. So if you want you can kik me at wolfgang182) im pretty go with the flow kind of guy and am up for talking about anything and everything. so hello to all! I hope we can have fun! :)
Welcome jasonma60! You sound like you have it all together. Do you play bass in a band? Since you're in Florida, do you surf, too?
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