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Hi everyone!

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I'm Peter Rabbit (That's my 'little' name which my mummy gave me)

I'm very new here and wanted to say hello to everybody!
I've decided to be a bit more involved in the adisc community as everybody seems so lovely and friendly and I want to make some friends who I can talk to about the things I enjoy.

Outside of being a little boy (aged 3), my adult self loves music (writing, recording and collecting as much as I can get my hands on) and films (I studied film at university so love watching all kinds). I'm a good talker and a better listener so hope to be involved in the giving/receiving of advice which everyone seems to be good at here :)

I very recently set up a blog which I plan to update regularly (this was my girlfriend/mummys idea) so feel free to have a peek (its pretty much empty at the moment though). www.peterslittlesecret.wordpress.com

Hopefully see you around!
Hello PeterRabbit and welcome to the group.
Welcome Peter rabbit :)
Hello and welcome, Peter Rabbit.
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