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Hey, Im Jamie, and im here with a fairly awkward and very long intro.

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Hi, My name is Jamie and im new to this site but not new to being a DL. For almost as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with nappies, particuarly pullups and bedwetting nappies.
The first memory i have of wanting to wear nappies was when i was probably aged four and i was at my friends house, lets call him Billy in this acount. It was fairly late in the evening so his mother was getting him and his brother ready for bed, she was putting him and is brother into pullups for the night. I expected his brother to be wearing some kind of nappy as he was still a toddler but i didnt expect my friend to be wearing one. Out of a mix of curiousity and jelousy I asked his mum "Why is Billy wearing a Nappy".
She simply replied "in case he has an accident". Billy didn't seem at all phased by me asking this question, i supose it was because of our young age. I remember seeing him wearing nappies severall times after this, he even wore baby nappies a couple of times.
Over the next decade my fasination grew and grew until i was in my early teens when i began to be able to experiment. By this point i had a half sister, she was a toddler when i was 14. I remember i would stay up late to watch rude late night comedy shows (South Park, Family Guy etc). Once everyone else was in bed i would go to the kitchen where they were kept and i would take one and wear it, no one ever found out as far as i know:smile1:. I would pee in them and sometimes poop in it. As soon as i felt i had had enough of it for that night, i would put it in the bin. This went unoticed as my sister went through atleast 5 a day. Obviously she was eventually toilet trained so that fun stopped, also i could only do this once a month when i visited my dad.
Recently i have been able to indulge in nappies once again as i now have a job to earn a small income. So severall weeks ago I went to a local shopping centre originally with friends but they all bailed on me at the last minute, this meant i could buy some Nappies for the first time. This shopping centre had a large supermarket at its core so i used this store to buy my first pack of nappies. I entered the shop and walked straight to the nappy aisle and picked up a packet of boys Drynites age 8-15, i then dashed straight to the self check out and paid for them. Once I had paid i left the store and headed for the shopping centres toilets. once in the cubicle i ripped open the package, i then took off my trousers, pants and shoes and pulled on the Drynite, i then put my clothes back on and went on with my day. i got through 2 nappies on that day, and used one of them for both purposes. I ate my lunch in the food court in a smelly and wet nappy. I decided to dispose of alot of the unused Drynites because i hadnt brought much from the shopping centre and my mum would probably ask what i had brought (im a terrible liar). The drynites took up alot of space in my bag so getting rid of them would make it look like i had space in my bag. over the past few weeks i have been slowly using my Drynites, the other day i had used all of the ones which i hadnt thrown away. :(
However today i had to go to the same shopping centre again, but this time i had alot of stuff to buy from the centre. This meant i had enough stuff to disguise my nappies from both the public and my family. I went about the same routine as last time, went to the same supermarket and then had lunch in a wet and messy Drynite. but this time i kept all the Drynites because could spread
them out amongst the bags from the shops which i had been to. i have found that wearing nappies is unusually relaxing and very comfortable, its nice to not have to worry as much about finding a toilet when you gotta go potty.
recently i have developed a mild interest in being a little, i think this stems from the fact that my nappy preference is for toddler training pants and bedwetting nappies rather than adult diapers such as those made by depends or abena.
My interests other than nappies include video games, Tv, aviation and drawing. I am currently at sixth form college and i am studying mainly humanities based subjects.
I am sorry for the very long winded post, this is the first time i've ever been able to tell the story about how i got into nappies. Thank you to those of you who read this entire post.

Hi Jamie.

Well well done on that intro That's much more than most people put.

Anyway Have you tried out a Pacifier yet. Or drinking from a bottle. If you haven you may like it.

No I havent yet, im not sure if im ready. I do sleep with a stuffed toy though, i always have.
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