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Hey everybody

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My name's Anthony, I'm 19 years old and attending college for 3D animation.

This is actually the first forum I've ever used, and the first time I have ever admitted to liking diapers. I'm a very open person but this is something I've kept a secret for as long as I can remember. So I'm probably going to be a pretty shy person here.

Anyway, other interests/hobbies of mine include my computer (custom built), taking care of my numerous pets (4 cats 1 dog & an aquarium), and drawing.

I drew my own profile picture along with numerous other pictures per request. Lastly I am a member of several fandoms including the furry, brony etc.

I joined this site to possibly get advice from people and to share my own experiences.
Hello Anthony and welcome to the group.

This is a very nice introduction

Again welcome to the group.

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