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Help, I'm stuck in OSI 1.

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Hello, I'm Ennis. I'm currently working towards a degree in computer security, though I will be putting that on hold at the end of this semester for personal and financial reasons.

I am a little, a fur, and would much prefer cake to sex. At times I feel like I can't be involved with the little community and similar because of my preference for cake. The disconnect is something that I've been trying to reconcile within myself. I sometimes find myself slipping into littlespace at rather inconvenient times, more so when I'm under a lot of stress. Being little for me is a way to escape many of these stresses.

I spend much of my free time on my computer, either playing games or browsing the internet, as well as playing sports, especially quidditch (Yes, it's a real thing. Yes, we have brooms. No, we don't fly.), and also including soccer and baseball. I have also been known to stick my nose in a good book, though I've had less time or will to do so lately. I have dabbled in creative writing and have performed in the theatre, both of which I hope to return to doing.

A big thing that I'd hope to get out of this site would be to come to terms with and be better able to understand my little side. While I have had some of the urges associated with it for a while, it's more recent that they've become a "big deal" and less of the "Oh, what is that like?" that it had been. It would also be nice to "meet" and interact with others like me in a way outside of the Big/little dynamic.

Remember everyone, never say the name of the Scottish play.
What, Macbeth? Ever watched Blackadder? Brilliant comedy, the one Atkinson wanted to be remembered for. If you love HP too, you should try HPMOR - it's one of the best-written alternate universes I've ever read. http://hpmor.com/chapter/1

I also prefer cake to sex.

I can't say I've ever really had a 'little' urge.

Welcome to the site!
Haven't seen Blackadder at all.

I actually wrote a paper for one of my classes this semester on HPMOR. What a twist at the end. I most heartily recommend it.
Haven't seen Blackadder at all.

I actually wrote a paper for one of my classes this semester on HPMOR. What a twist at the end. I most heartily recommend it.
Watch it , there's 4 series and series 4 Black Adder goes forth has a very non comic moving ending , where all the main cast are shown in slow motion going over the top in WW1 and 1 by 1 being shot down (not graphic just very sensitively done )
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH3-Gt7mgyM :sad:
Howdy and welcome to the site. What is your fursona animal? LOL, nice. I've seen some people play quidditch before. It looked like fun.
I have several, actually. The two I've been in the most recently are my kitsune and dragon characters. The kitsune is my oldest by date of creation (though not character age).
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