Help for plunging back in

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Hi everybody!

Well, I am feeling a bit of a binge trying to come back, I still have a stash of depends (yeah, not the best, but better than nothing) and just got an order of Goodnites two weeks ago, and I am so happy that they fit! Anyways, as far as using diapers and pull-ups for their intended use, I have no problem, but when trying to get back in, I have problems getting back in. Example, I'll get the diaper/pull-up out, play with it a bit, but can't get myself to actually put it on. Any tips or similar experience? Is this normal with the binge/purge cycle?

Thank you!
I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying you have trouble maintaining your interest after use (climax?). If so, that's a pretty common problem. It's one I overcame eventually but I'm not sure as to the process. I expect it had to do with getting more comfortable with wearing so that I could enjoy them as an overall experience and not just as a sex toy of the moment.

If that's not what you're getting at, perhaps you could clarify.
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