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just glad to see there are others like me...always thought I was so wierd. Not any more!
Hey there, nice to see you've found the courage to say hello. You're most welcome to share with us .... and actually we are all a little bit weird... but that's ok :)
Hello and welcome! I personally am very glad to see another female on this site because, to my way of thinking, this lifestyle?kink/fetish/whatever seems, for some inexplicable reason to be predominately male-oriented and imho I find it really nice to get a woman's perspective on this phenomena. I don't mind reading what another guy/male has to say, being one myself, but it is just nice to hear/read about what a woman has to say, how they feel,etc. So, again, Welcome. I am sure that you will find this site to be a safe, informative and interesting place to be.:smile:
Hi there,

You will find us a diverse but accepting bunch! Dive in to the forums and realise that you are far from alone!


Hello, welcome.....and you will find that your "passion" in life is simply a normal extension of yourself:smile:
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