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  1. Diaper Lover
I'm an avid dl. I have been this way since maybe I was 11 or 12 when I realized. I had several on and offs before I finally gave up on trying to quit. I now know it is a part of me as does my wife. I do not wear at work, but pretty much at all other times(including around family and friends). Doesn't bother me in public, but still nervous around family and friends. I like plastic backed diapers that are thick and absorbent. My favorite diapers are M4's, Molicare Super Plus, Dry 24/7, and Total Security X-plus. I usually wear the more stealth wellness superio diaper when around family as these hide well, are very good at absorbing, and are quieter than most plastic diapers I use. I recently just learned of NorthShore brand diapers which I'm try out right now. I've never been questioned by friends or family or anyone else about diapers, so if anyone knows, they keep it to themselves. I believe you are who you are, and should be that person. Don't go crazy being someone you aren't. I hope this was a good introduction. I generally don't have much to say on the site, but occasionally I like to. Mostly I like to appreciate the writings and reviews of products on this site. I guess that makes me a lurker.

Sex: Male
Age: 49
Welcome, hope you enjoy being here :)
What other things do you like besides diapers?
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