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Helo all.

I have been with my boyfriend for a few months, i was staying at his house and got cold so went to his cupboard to borrow a jumper when i found a pull up. Tbh i didnt think it was his so i teased him a bit about it till he finally in tears broke down and told me. (I honestly didnt think it was his, maybe a niece or nephew or something).
His diaper wearing jas already cost him a few relationships hence his hesitation. Whilst diapers arnt my thing im here to try and learn more so i can be more supportive. I served seven years in the navy so have seen it all (fetish wise) basically so a nappy isnt going to freak me out.
He wont answer my questions and is very hesitant to tell me anything for fear of freaking me out (no matter how much i reassure him).
So hello :)
Welcome. Thank you for reaching out to be more understanding. You will find plenty of people here to help you with your questions, along with some other significant others like yourself who are searching for information.

A good resource for you to check out to get a basic understanding is understanding.infantilism.org .

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Hello and welcome. I just want to say that for the majority of us have tried to qut wearing diapers (whether out of fear, not understanding y we feel like we do or, because someone in our lives is trying to change how we feel) i personally have struggled with all those and to this day im still partially feel ashamed. I have had my cycles with it. Now in saying that, i do understand how ur bf feels (in an overall kinda way with the diapers). Heres what i suggest. Be there for him, comfort him, and let him know that its ok, wheter he needs them or just likes to wear them. And for the majority of us we have been put to shame in some way. It is who he is. O also try to keep your mind open, for a good 15-20 yrs i have struggled with wanting to be a baby again. I am fianally accepting it and running with it. And for most people they dont think twice about others wearing in public. Most of them think u need them for medical reasons. I wish u luck and AAO is right we are here for each other for support, understanding and for some if not most acceptance.
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