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Hello world!

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Hi all,

I'm from Perth, Australia, and just have to re-post a greeting to increase my level.

I have just received around 40 various types of nappy from an online store. I bought the sample pack which contains a range of different offerings, all of which I look forward to sampling over the next couple of weeks. To top it off, i've also bought plastic pants, dummy, and a bottle too.

Feel free to contact me.

Hi and welcome to the site. Wow 40 different types, awesome. I,be only tried a few different ones I tend to stick with cuddlz. They do ones with just a single tab on each side ( very babyish)
welcome Perth, Hope you will enjoy being here:)
Hey there person from Australia! I like people from Australia, even if they are kinda.. upside down. :D

I'm not funny, hehe. Sorry about that. Seriously though, welcome to ADISC! It sounds like you just bought yourself a bunch of fun stuff! I hope you have a blast with it! What kinda person is playing with those stuff, like.. how did you find this place? What kinda stuff are you into? If you feel comfy letting us know, there is lots of curious babies here who would love to understand you just a bit more.

It's fine if you don't feel up to it though! I'll still give you a happy hearty, Cheers! I.. is this the part where we clink glasses? All I've got is a sippy cup of water.. I hope that suffices.
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