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hello to all i live in spain

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  1. Carer
i am new to this forum and live in Andalucia Spain, i need to know if there are any abdl (non sexual) in my area
In spain clubs are set up for all kinds, but its based around sex

i came to live in spain 10 years ago, and opened a indoor market, i had 10 stalls at 1st and it led me to open 3 more shops across my area, now after 10 years i am looking for a quieter life and to sit back and enjoy the sun on my back
i like to read every day, favourite authors inc helen forrester and martina cole

in the last 6 months role play between hubby and i has led me to being his carer, i would like to know more about abdl lifestyle and every where i look i am confronted and confused by sexual images and stories

Its not about sex with us, its just infantilism at its purest

so you may find i read your posts and rarely reply as im still quite shy about this, but the need to explore our new lifestyle drives me on
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Hello Holidayspain and welcome to the group.

This is a very interesting Introduction. People do not realize all of the business opportunities all over the world. What an interesting life adventure.

I had something similar but it was more educational then business.
I got to live on the Hopi Indian Reservation for 15 months.

Anyway So that we may get to know you better could you please tell us a little bit more about yourself such as your hobbies and interests.

Go luck with the site, there is so much information here. Especially if you take the time to go back 2 or 3 hundred threads in the different forums. That is how I did it and it is about that far that the tread themes start to repeat.

Again welcome to the group.

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