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Hello from Southampton

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Hi it's jim here! I'm into meeting new friends and possibly meeting ones too... I love wearing plastic nappies and a sharing a bit of fun too. I'm 32, open minded. Would be great to chat too! My favourite nappies are actually attends classics (the one with the plastic interior liner) and also pull-ups.

Hope to chat to some like minded people!
Welcome jamesattends! We're glad you're here. Please look at the threads and jump in on any conversations that interest you.

What kind of non-DL interests do you enjoy?
Hey nice to chat. I love hiking, films, eating out, meeting new people, DIY, architecture, the countryside.
Quite a few varied things. Also love to travel and visit new places. I'm always terrible describing these points in first messages! :)
jamesattends said:
I'm always terrible describing these points in first messages! :)

You did fine Jim. Are you an architect? I took some classes but never finished the degree.
Hello JamesAttends, I love attends also because of their look and feel. I grew up in the 70's and 80's and Pampers drove me nuts. I so wanted to be put back in them. When I was able to buy my own diapers the ones I found that were the closest to Pampers were the Attends brand. Now if i can just replicate that smell the Pampers used to have. It was hypnotic to me.
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