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hello from france

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hi all im pierre from france, exactly south west of france, next to bayonne

i love to read this website because is one of the best about new diaper etc ...

i have fetish diaper since i was a child and now im 26 old and now i enjoy abdl diaper but the most of the times it was "secret"

if i have girldfriend i lld task her or maybe not lol buthappy to be in life so nvm

maybe i ll not talk to much because i have not a strong english maybe i dont know ...

have a nice day,

Welcome buddy :biggrin:
Welcome to ADISC!

This is a good place to practice your English. Your post took a little longer to read but I was able to understand what you were saying (I think) so your English is good enough.
Welcome. If you need help with your English, just ask! Anyway how do you like to regress?
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