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Hello everyone! :3

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Hey guys!

I hope this post is suitable. :)

I love to sew, make jewelry, and play on my computer. I hope to one day sew clothes for other little ones, once my technique is perfected. I see a lack of cute choochoo train prints in styles for girls.

My favorite motifs are pastel baby/kid prints, yellow duckies, and 80's-style My Little Ponies. I love the Sanrio series Little Twin Stars.

I've been little since I was little, it just never really changed. How little depends on the day. I would very much love to try a diaper, but I have not yet, because i'm super scared. My inclination to wear one is pretty new and scary. Those pink ones by DC Amor are tempting me, though. PINK!!

I hope to be in a situation soon where it would be safer to be more "little", working on it bit by bit. I haven't had "the talk" yet, and am scared that it would be a "deal-breaker" for my relationship of many years.

This whole thing is new for me, and i'm still a bit brain-fuzzy, so be gentle. ;)
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Hello BabyNyssa and welcome to the group.

Please let me tell you that this is the best introduction I have seen in a long time.

It is refreshing to see someone talk about their little first then relate it to the little side.

Take you time and when "things line up right" it will be time to have an open minded dialog with your mate.

Again welcome to the group.

Hello! :) I'm also new here and I also never wore a diaper, but I'm trying to find the courage to do so. It's nice to know there is someone else in a similar situation. :) I already told my partner about this and he was very accepting (I actualy thought it was much bigger deal then he did :D). I hope you'll tell your partner once you're ready to do so, and I hope he'll be accepting too :)
Thank you for the warm welcome, you guys! :3
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