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Does anyone wear hearing aids? I've been having trouble hearing about found out right before Christmas that I'll be getting hearing aids next week.
I don't personally wear them, but my mother is an Audiologist so I've been around them all my life. She wears them too now for high-frequencies. I dont know if you're having any worries about getting them but, depending on what brand you get, hearing aids can actually be really hard to spot. On that note, Oticon is the best company out there for hearing aids :3 (imo of course)
A friend of mine has them for one ear, and my dad should probably but he's too lazy to get them... Other than that, don't know much about them myself.
I was all set to get them and went to the ENT just to make sure there wasn't some other problem (they did end up sending me for an MRI), but they said my hearing was pretty normal in one year though diminished in the other. They didn't think I needed them unless I really was bothered.
I'll be getting a behind the ear model, I know that much. I forgot the brand. My audiologist said that I may only need them for a short while, as they may help my hearing improve. I'm not that death.
I have been fortunate enough to care adamantly enough about my hearing so as to not experience hearing loss of any kind [yet]. Unfortunately my dad finally got hearing aids and my grandfather [dad's side] uses them as well. Could very well run in the family but considering their jobs are/were farming related that involved lots of loud, heavy machinery and neither of them wore earplugs (dad started to but only a few years back); could mean I might beat it out.
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