Has anyone had the same feeling

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As I have posted before, I was more of a 2 to3 days of diaper wearing per week. However since March when I had a procedure done that left me needing to wear diapers 24/7. I'm gradually getting away from the 24/7 and getting back to my usual 2 to 3 times a week. I don't trust myself at night and when leaving the house for an extended time period, so I'm padded at those times and at night.

The other morning I woke up and went to start making some coffee and I got the best sensation from my diaper and butt cheeks brushing together as I walked. The sensation was so strong that I had to get back into the bedroom and get re-diapered as soon as soon as the coffee was done, and I wore most of the day even though it was a day that I wasn't going any where.

I at first thought that it was strange tat I hadn't noticed that sensation when I really had to wear 24/7. I finally realized that it was always there, but I was too focused on my medical problem at that time to pay any attention to it.

Has anyone else had that sensation? For me, it really seems to get my diaper wearing juices flowing.
Yes, i know what you mean. Like all of a sudden it comes up
know the feeling well. Some days, I'll stay in diaper all day, enjoying the warm sticky feeling, while Im at the market. If they only knew?:smile:
That's what I'd call "good tactile feedback" from your diaper. Could also call it a "frequent physical reminder that you're thickly diapered". I've been wearing 24/7 for a few yrs now, and a lot of the time I forget I'm diapered. But it's fun to get the occasional physical reminder like that. That quiet crinkling sound, the padding rubbing on your cheeks, the thickness between your legs, that whisper in your ear "Don't forget our little secret, you're wearing a diaper, in case you'd forgotten!"

Just what every DL wants to hear ;)
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