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  1. Diaper Lover
it seems I've become a "lurker" sorry for that, not much of a talker usually I just like reading the stories. I'm a married dl who's wife has no clue about, doesn't feel great to lie to her but I don't think I'll ever be able to give up diapers totally and I couldn't bare to tell my wife my real life style, anyways that's me at a glance
Welcome Livetodie! Welcome back (2012)? Having an understanding wife or significant other is a rarity. Since we are a community to support each other, we like to know each other just a little bit more. What kind of interests or hobbies do you enjoy? I like chick flicks and reading myself.
Welcome fellow married person. Great to have more of you on board. Feel free to open up about the specifics, much like zipperless mentioned.

There is a lot of advice about coming clean to your spouse. Dig around, you might find some of it helpful. I did.
Welcome! I have been married for many years. My wife found out about my AB/DL side about a year ago by mistake. It went surprisingly well. That being said, things sometimes work out better than expected with your Spouse. Things may change.
Well here's the thing, I also have a thing for pregnant women, and my wife found out about that. She didnt like it or understand why I would be attracted to that, I consider myself diaper dependent because in the past 20 years of my life only about 3 of them were diaper free, but my wife on the other hand most likely doesn't even know about the fetish to begin with and I think if she found I was into this it would crush her and ultimately lead to a divorce, such in turn would crush me.
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