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greetings :)

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  1. Diaper Lover
hello everyone! Just thought id hop on here and say hello since I am new to the forum. I have read bits and pieces over the last year or so debating joining. I decided today to take the plunge!
I am a DL...have had these desires since I was a kid, however did not fully act on them until a little over a year ago. I finally got the courage after ten years together to tell my S.O. about it. Turned out he was nothing but supportive. Wish I had the nerve years before! :)
I still get ashamed and embarrassed so I will quit for months at a time but those urges always come back. Happy I have someone in my life who doesn't mind my odd thoughts at times.
Hope all my new friends here are having a lovely day!
Hello snowbunny, welcome this website! :) I'm register ADISC.org yesterday, me too a newbie. :D
Have fun this forum :)
Awesome! Nice to meet ya! :)
Nice to meet you too, hope your having fun here :)
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