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Greetings, humans.

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Hello, everyone.

My name is Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, but you can call me Tali. I'm a very nerdy quarian who loves high fantasy, sci-fi, vidya games, table-top games, anime, and punk & hardcore music.

I am incontinent and therefore wear fulltime.

Looking for friends mostly, maybe something more.

Yes, I am a girl so don't ask what's in my pants. kthnx.

Thanks all for having me.

Ripley signing out.

Hay Talizorah and welcome.
I like Invisible Man, Person of Interest
What type of sci-fi you like?
Doctor Who, Invisible Man, Person of Interest, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star track ...ext
hi Talizorah
nice to meat you I'm a big fan of sci-fi doctor who and star wars and star trek are my favorites. and the last movie I watched and like were Ender's Game, Guardians of the Galaxy
Thanks everyone! Happy to meet you all.
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