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Greetings :D

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  1. Diaper Lover
I'm MuteShadow...Well, that's my username...obviously XD I'm awkard, and just so happen to like wearing diapers as well. Something I thought about as long as I can remember but didn't have much opportunity to explore, and the little I had I was too afraid of being caught to grab it. My first try was around 17 with a pink, disney princess pull-up that my mom had from when she watched my cousin, but pink isn't really a color I enjoy, and they weren't really sized to fit a you know what (I'm a boy). It was nice, not exactly comfortable, but it was my only option, so I did it a few more times. The only problem was I felt bad about myself everytime I did it, and I didn't want to take enough that she'd notice, so I stopped.
A few years later, I met a boy a week after my 19th birthday and fell in love; I still am in love with him (This is no tragedy). I didn't mention these feelings to him, which is kinda sad and pathetic because he told me his fetish was urine. There was a clear (or yellow XD) correlation between his desires and mine, but that didn't change the fact that I hadn't completely accepted myself. I found it disgusting that I had these desires, so all I could see him seeing was the same. So, I satiated his desires, which wasn't bad once I got used to it, but I didn't really get pleasure from anything but the fact that it made him happy, and he made me happy in so many ways that it didn't really matter that he didn't know my secret.
About 2 years later (only a few months from the present), it came up. We had cupcakes that had plastic 4-leaf clover rings on them, and after eating mine, I put the ring in my mouth; it appeared as if I had a pacifier in my mouth, and I enjoyed it, which was a new thing that I could check onto my list of desires, but the strange thing was my boyfriend couldn't stop fawning over me. He was enjoying it too, and eventually it came out that I wanted my own pacifier, but I only left it at that. It was killing me as I held it in for a few days, but then I finally came out with it; I wanted to wear diapers, and we were so excited about this newfound turn of events that we could hardly sleep.
Now, I have my diapers and a pacifier, and we're both super happy about it. I'm on my way to accepting who I am, and he's right there by my side.
So, that's my story...sorry if it was a little long XD I don't usually do stuff like this (Online Forums). Don't really know what is expected...so, yeah...Hello :p
Hi Muteshadow,
Welcome to the group of ADISC

Nice story and introduction, you can share more about yourself here, tell us your problems,
and we will give you advice, ADISC here with you, and everyone here is friendly.

Nice to meet Little person like you too.
Welcome to the group for again!

Hi MuteShadow and welcome to the site. It's so refreshing to hear a story with a happy ending. I hope it stays that way for the two of you.
Hi MuteShadow,

What a lovely ending (?beginning) for you and yours! I hope you ask all the questions and enjoy your time here. :)
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