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Evening all,

So I'm generally very careful with how I dispose of my used nappies but for some reason today I forgot my usual way.
I recently moved back home after being away studying for 6 months, lots of freedom & nappies, and got pretty lax over putting them straight in my room bin. So after using my LittlePawz I had on last night to its max, making it huge and very heavy, I put it right on top of my room wastepaper basket style bin and thought no more of it. (stupid I know)

Only when I got back in tonight and was thinking about padding up did I remember about last nights nappy and kicking myself that I should've disposed of it when I was out shopping did I realise my mum had emptied my bin!

Now it is absolutely impossible that she'd be able to ignore the prints and colours of the LittlePawz and it's rolled up shape and size as being anything other than a babyish looking nappy! Now I've not been caught with nappies in the house before but there have been many a delivery where it's contents have been described as "none of your buisness" and couple that with the fact I was caught by her on the family computer watching adult diaper videos when I was 11 and that at 14 I asked if I could go back to wearing nappies that I'm 100% sure she knows I wear! I'm freaking out about how awkward it's going to be tomorrow! I like to think she'll be cool about it but part of me is worried I'm done for!
No big deal, she obviously already knows.
If she mentions anything, just tell her that you can take out your own trash.
First of all, HUGE props to you for being up front with your mom about this sort of thing at such a young age. I was mortified when I had to come clean when my mom found my favorite paci when I was 17 :/

At this point, there's really nothing else to do but help her understand why you wear. I told my mom that I used it as a way to cope with my depression and it was comforting to me. Maybe justifying it and simplifying it would work? I broke down the furry fandom in a similar way, and now my folks are super interested every time I get a commission back.

At the end of the day, don't change yourself when something you do upsets someone else. It's that person's problem that they have a problem with you. If she can understand, even a little bit, then that is a HUGE victory! She might not understand, but toleration in some cases is still big. If not, then it's her loss for not even being willing to make an attempt to understand your desires.

Just let things take their course and take a deep breath, things have a way of working themselves out~ <3
I agree with Legolas. One thing that has been mentioned before is to not apologize for something you have little control over, other than forcing yourself to not wear for a while. Knowledge is power, so go to Wikipedia and research Infantalism. Be kind and considerate to your mom if she confronts you, stay calm and don't become defensive. You didn't ask for this. It just happened and as a result, it's something you have to live with. For your mom, she will be concerned because she'll want you to be happy and well adjusted. You may need to convince her that you are.

At the end of the day this is your thing, not her's. I hope she doesn't confront you since she already knows, but if she does, explain your case and then let the passage of time take the rough edges off, because it always does. A month from now, it will be mostly forgotten.
Agreeing with Legolas & dogboy, I also must add emphasis on staying confident when explaining yourself. This is obviously only if you find yourself in a conversation, of course. Remember; There is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing wrong with wearing diapers. So, as long as you genuinely portray that you're completely fine & healthy, she will most likely respect your privacy.

I wouldn't be sorry and I would try my hardest not to be upset or shaken up. If you were to confidently pull a "whoops, tee hee.. No big deal. I'm embarrassed", this will alarm her less then a "DEAR GOD.. I'M SO SORRY.. I'VE FAILED YOUUU".

If she wants a real explanation, maybe it's time you reissued your talk from years before. As long as you don't explain and uncover your desires as if you have a drug addiction, she'll most likely pick up on the fact that it may be none of her business. Be confident, lax, and even somewhat nonchalant.

In the future, I'd still advise being a little more careful! :biggrin: My advice is only for getting through the confrontation, not necessarily how to act from here on out. You should still maintain a level respect for your Mother and for others by keeping your secrets from those who needn't know. Your Mom knowing about your AB/DL side is not a free ticket to ride.

Good luck friend! Keep us updated.
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