Furcons in Europe

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Hello guys

After i've read the thread What-is-a-cub-party i cannot get this thing out of my head!
I've heard, at furryconventions are also a lot of Babyfurs/Diaperfurs and they are normally verry tolerant with this part.
Heard from "cub-parties" former time but no exactly idea, how such a party looks like.

Im kinda a mix of DL maybe a little bit AB and also a tiny part furry and babyfur.

Never have been on a furryconvention befor - maybe a little interested but not tthat much that i would go. But now since i know a bit more about conventions i just want to go!
Think it would be quite awesome to meet other cool people there.
Also i think it could be interesting to look how a cub-partie is but i think im way to shy, to share my "secret" with other guys.

Are there any good conventions in Europe they are recommendable for a newbie with also cub interests like me or is this part rather not wanted in Europe?

Maybe some guys here have been on conventions here...

Would be nice to hear your opinions about this!
Room party at Eurofurence maybe
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