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Hi, I'm new here and haven't yet had a chance to make a formal introduction, but I was wondering if it would be possible to get some insight.

My husband is a DL, and I try to fulfil all of his desires and fantasies, but he seems to be getting bored. Is there anything I can do to spice it up a bit for him. We have done tons of things already. I have worn them in public for him peaking out of short shorts, we have worn them in hot tubs and pools, he's watched me wet in them, etc... Any idea would be helpful
It's great that you do this just for him and not sure about suggesting something, you two should talk about this and figure out something you both agree :)
Hey, welcome to ADISC. It's great to have you here!

First off, it's awesome that you've accommodated your husband's desires. That's a sign of a really awesome partner! As to your present situation, we could probably suggest hundreds of fun diaper activities. But the best thing you can do, as Littledaimon has said, is talk to him and see what he would enjoy. That way, even if you want to be spontaneous and surprise him, you'll know what sort of things he likes, and can come up with something similar. It's important to be open about sexual interests with each other, and make sure you both know what the other likes and doesn't like. I think asking him is the way to go. You've done something really loving in accepting your husband's interests, and I hope he does the same for you. Good luck!
You might buy Natlie Bent's book, "There's a Baby In My Bed". It's full of ideas, but yes, you should discuss this together. He may want you to act babyish. There's all sorts of possibilities.
Marry me?
With any sexual relationship, discussing it and being totally open is really the key. If you think he's bored you should bring it up and ask why? It's possible that there is something he wants to do but is too embarrassed to bring up.

Everyone's right in the whole 'communication is the best lubrication', and honestly it's odd for some couples to talk about fetishes out loud. I suggest texting about it if you know talking diapers is awkward.

However! I can also see how maybe you want ideas to surprise him with.... some could be as simple as him coming home to you in diapers, maybe taking the lead and putting him in diapers when he's not expecting?

Maybe a long weekend of locking him out of the bathroom? Explore sissification, AB tendencies (for both parties), incorporate BDSM and teasing.

There's lots of options, I hope I gave you a few starters!
Best thing u can do is talk to him work thing out. That awsome what doing for him. Show u really in him. Keep up . That cool.
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