French plastic panty brand Clinibed ‘Doux Baby’ Claude model - worn with pads


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Hello everyone, has anyone worn these plastic panties before? They have inner pockets to place pads… I came across them a while ago, but only bought some just before Christmas. Made in France, VERY good quality long lasting poly vinyl chloride, it is very similar to the other French brand Sanygia brand in the way it smells (lanolined), and the embossing to the plastic. The lanolin apparently makes the PVC hypoallergenic so it can be worn against the skin for lengthy periods (no skin rashes!) I wear them with washable pads….. perfect plastic pant for bed and daytime, daily.

Doux Baby plastic panty

They can easily hold pads and be worn against the skin…. A similar instance of the use of ‘bonding’ plastic sticking to the skin, like Henleys / Sandra PVC pants if worn with pads/ felt inside…

The back !?