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Heehe hi everyone! Leigh here!

So I've been away from the board for quite a while (any board, actually) and I've kinda forgotten how to write large posts.

I love chatting and answering questions about myself, (yes, I'm a vain little girl, so sue me) but I don't know how to get things started. I can draw maybe one or two simple replies but other than that, I feel like I can't attract any interest.

Sorry for my stupid rant here..

Don't feel bad, most of my posts aren't more than a few sentences. Posts that are longer takes me a few hours, or longer, to type up.

You'll get the hang of it soon and it'll all come out. :)
I'm bad at thinking up ideas to start threads. I enjoy responding to other's threads, though.
I guess I forgot to post the big part of what my question was!

Does anyone have any tips or ideas that I could try when posting? I'm not the bestest writer, so I have a hard time with thinking up good things to say *blush*

A-anyways, if you have any tips, or want to ask me anything, please feel free to contribute!

Imagine that you're talking with a friend. The friend initiates a question. Maybe they're troubled by something and need your advise. You respond by pulling ideas from the top of your mind. There isn't any research and digging into data. You simply say what you're thinking. That's how you can respond here. It's what I do most of the time, and I suspect most others do the same. Just think of it as a casual conversation and have fun. Be careful not to offend others and you should be fine. Offending others can get you hostile responses and then it isn't fun. That's why I mentioned that.
I burned out on forums about 6 years ago - only posting now and again. I can never shake the feeling of speaking to the void. Or I end up being a thread killer. Here, a couple shop forums I'm on, even social media - I just lurk and ultimately stop doing that for months at a time.
Not open for further replies.