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I'm having trouble finding a good diaper that fits me. I just bought some medium Bambino's. I don't have any issues with them falling off, they just feel a tad too loose on me. I would love it if they came in small, but unfortunately I didn't see anything on the website smaller than a medium. I do fit into L-XL Goodnites pretty well, but I don't want those to be my only option. I have considered getting the always discreet diapers, but I'm a bit afraid that those will also be too large.
You could always try the northshore care youth briefs.
Ya know, this might help you:

and for some known diaper sizes, refer here:

Another good list of diaper sizes are here:

Just measure your waist, and compare to what letter might be your lucky letter. Bambino's do have sizes that are not always accurate just like the Bellissimo's for example so you have to be careful with bambino's. Find your waist size, and deduct a number to be super safe when you buy your diapers to ensure they will fit you. Some diapers have sizes that are always on the chart and like I said about bambino's, some diapers are not always on tops with size as some flaps of the diaper stretch which is something you always have to consider.
The best diapers I can think of still produced in small are Molicare Super Plus, Tena Slip Maxi, and Attends 10 Slip Regular. If you don't mind cloth-back diapers Abri-form S4 Premiums might work for you too. All are great small size diapers.
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