Finally got a ref

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So i finally got a ref sheet! Artwork by Kalida.Kyler.jpg
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Ohh. Sweet! I still need to have a reference sheet made. Yours is really cool. I love space too
I am curious what something like that is used for?
I have like NO real knowledge of the Furry world.
But the thread name "got a ref" made me think of a referee and wonder why you would need one, lol.

And while I'm here asking questions :)

You like diapers (DL) and you're a babyfur so do you wear diapers under the furry suit or over or both? Sorry for being so clueless. :)
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Ref sheets are used by other artists to know what a character looks like for later works.
Yeah, Mandybear. It's just to show others (mainly artists) your character. I'm not too knowledgeable about the furry world myself either. I've closet admired the artwork for a while and i have quite a few friends who are furries (in rl and internetland) so i decided to get a ref of my character for funsies.
It is adorable! I love it - thanks for sharing! I'll have to look into ref cards!
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