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HI guys,

ok.. i have posted a few ideas on here, for what to do with my inheritance, regarding the AB DL Incontinence world.. and i think i have finally come to a decision..

Several sites recently (or over the last few years) have come and gone, DPF, dprtube to name two that i used to frequent, however i have actually never found a site, that incorporates everything, or for that matter a proper community portal for us.

so, i have decided after long thought, that i am going to start up a new website, now. one thing i am good at is PHP, HTML programming with over 18 years behind my belt, so i was thinking of a somewhat like Facebook, but with additional features, including, Pics, Videos, Chat, dating, games and shopping all in one site specifically tailored for AB/DL and the Incontinent.

Please let me know what you guys think, and

A: Give me an idea for name, (domain name, company name)
B: Tell me what you would like to see or have available on such a site.
C: any other ideas you may have for the site.

It is a good idea, and you may have quite a few folks here join. However, I am concerned about the global interest in such a niche market. Worse yet is it becoming popular enough to become troll bait. I would start by talking with the staff here about how they inhibit abusive blustering bullies, or the much more prevalent horny net geek that inadvertently offends 90% of the people they interact with.
yes, unfortunately trolls and perverts are too easily available on the net, that i why the site will be closely monitored, if i spend my money to build up the site and community im going to damn well make sure that it is safe and secure for us. even if that means employing people who would be willing to patrol the site and watch it.. (volunteers of course).

i have seen too many times sites breaking down because of trolls, and pervs, but not this one. it will be made well, and it will be continually monitored, to the best of my ability.

That being said, thanks for the suggestion and comments, the more the merrier, keep them comming..
Doesn't this sound like In that comunity you have videos, blogs, etc. and it's not dead yet. And... I just don't like it, I don't know why...

IMO it's too time consuming to spend time in a project like that... Maybe open source it so you may have more than 2 people working on it?
ive never actually seen that site before, ill have to check it out..
ok.. so after taking a look, i have noticed the following..

That site is DEAD

the last post made was back in november, Search feature does not work, and several other issues..
i just went and made and account. its not dead. after spending 15 min searching it is still active albeit hidden. it just feels awkward. idk it feels like facebook but it has a aftertone that i just dont like, like its not as open feeling as like this forum is where you can post and comment in a practically open field carefree. but at the same time i cant exactly say that its easy to connect closer here as a facebook style website would be. i personally think your site would need to be a uniform mix of facebook and something forum wise like adisc but alot easier to use vs that site. thats just my 2 cents
There's been quite a few community sites pop up and just suddenly disappear. The community goes to the next site when one dies. I don't think there's that big of a gap when it comes to AB/DL spaces.
Privacy would be a big issue for me personally, especially if you were going with a facebook style site (having identifiable information public).

Side note - A few AB/DL sites in the past have had issues with hosting. Specifically you'll have to find a host which would be friendly to this sort of content, especially if you want picture/video content. You'll also need to put quite a bit of time into a project like that and you'd require a fair chunk of change to cover costs.

Seems kind of like a pipe dream to me but good luck!
I have seen other sites that are like Facebook for AB/DLs in the past, and none have been successful. The main reason (in my opinion) was a lack of moderation and accountability for people who signed up. I think I remember DiaperSpace and DiaperBook (which looked promising, but neither of which took off and ended up filled with low-quality posts).

DPF (Diaper Pail Friends) lasted for longer, despite the questionable posts, because it was pretty-much the only AB/DL-related website of its time. And it was many AB/DLs first realisation (thanks to the Internet) that they weren't the only AB/DL in the world. I don't think it would work if something similar was released now.

The reason that Facebook became almost ubiquitous is because it linked people's "real world" experience with social networking. It put their real life (where there are real consequences) online. With Facebook, you have some kind of real-life accountability. With the AB/DL versions of Facebook, people were signing up completely anonymously... which led many to reveal (and revel in) their most sordid and extreme interests, leading the less extreme to immediately leave the site... and causing a moderation nightmare and a site that looked truly unappealing to most "normal" users.

I would have said that it was impossible to create a respectable social networking or public discussion site for AB/DLs, yet ADISC proves me wrong! I think the sign-up process, moderation, and the way that the admins somehow stay on top of "fraudulent" registrations and posts of low quality is what weeds out the trolls and gives users a degree of accountability (whilst still remaining anonymous).

Also, have you seen Fetlife? It's a social networking site that deals with more BDSM-related interests, but they have some interesting restrictions on how you can search and who can search for, and some kind of list of "interests" where you can say you like or don't like certain things (I don't use the site, so I'm trying to remember from when I last looked). If you're set on creating an AB/DL social networking site, I'd definitely have a look at how Fetlife have done things. I'm not sure what they do that works, but they've been going a long time now.
I reckon that you should just forget the idea, and I say that with the kindest intentions, unless you're already very well off it would be a big gamble to stake your inheritance on. I have been around the ABDL scene for many years on and off and I think the main problem is with ABDL it can be very on and off, perhaps related to the binge-purge cycle. Either way the community seems to be very fickle and unstable. If you looked at it in a purely investing way like an asset on the stock market you would probably conclude that it is just too volatile for an area with too few customers to be a stable investment. I assume you are probably not in it for the money but you would want the value to remain at least roughly stable, it could be a risky endeavour...
Khaymen said:
It is a good idea, and you may have quite a few folks here join. However, I am concerned about the global interest in such a niche market. Worse yet is it becoming popular enough to become troll bait. I would start by talking with the staff here about how they inhibit abusive blustering bullies, or the much more prevalent horny net geek that inadvertently offends 90% of the people they interact with.

He could just use DDOS protection and the similar protection methods used here on ADISC
Thanks for the input guys,

firstly i wouldn't have all the time in the world to run this site idea alone, so others would be involved, preferably programmers, who can improve the site, or even add to the site. as i already said i have several years experience in this, along with this, i was looking at a base script that is fully open source, meaning that others could partake in wokring on it.

The site that was posted earlier is dead.. there is hardly any activity on thier, take this site in comparison, that site is dead. or getting there, i am assuming this is because the admin/owners are not intersted in the site, part and point is that the search engine on the site hasn't been working since back in 2013, the forum is hardly used at all.

i was kind of hoping for ideas to add functionality to the site, i see on they have a section with games, maybe that could be added, plus i was looking into some sort of shopping cart for buyers and sellers to partake in sales.

I would like to produce a one stop, site for AB/DL/Incontinence individuals to share experiences, and talk, a bit like this site, but with more functionality.

I'm not a fan of the site anymore but I do like on meetme (formerly myyearbook) how you can post something and it appear for everyone, even those who are not your friends. maybe you can play around with that feature some.
maybe when something is posted they can mark it nsfw and the nsfw section can only be viewed by 18+ members
lunatails said:
maybe when something is posted they can mark it nsfw and the nsfw section can only be viewed by 18+ members

That is something that i was thinking.. Having two sections so to speak, that only 18+ can access. so that its safer for those who are younger, Problem with that though is that its so easy to fake your age..

Unless, the site allocated everyone under 18,. and only those that prove they are over 18 Via, Id, Pasport photo, etc, will get access to the more adult area..


I don't have any useful advise but I wanted to say that I think it sound like a good idea! As long as it doesn't cause you stress and such than it sound great!
What if you talked with the staff of this site and had it like a partnership site? That would be kinda cool. My first thought was, uh oh you are trying to drive people to your new site instead of here, But I think I see the difference. Maybe it would be better it was a partnership site, or a sister site. That way people who come here or there will find there way the sister site too.
Marka said:
I don't know... babylea,

I don't partake of the social media sites, Facebook, etc...

I'm really very comfortable here (not that you're trying to draw me away)...

I would say, don't code/script what-have-you, in a manner that requires one to have all the doors and windows wide open on the browser... to even see or use the site...

I would have concerns with very real personal data, that would be required for purchases and such... And, to be on the same website, let alone server, that I'm also disclosing over time... my personal life details... my fears my hopes my dreams...

Ironic enough, it's shear hell, to create and attempt to maintain a Utopia... I think though, that falls into if it was easy to do... everybody'd be doing it... otherwise, it'd have to be really-really-really worth doing... cost/expense and, more importantly "value", has already been addressed quite nicely too...

I have no interest in dissuading you or, even particularly encouraging you, one way or the other... other than to genuinely wish you the best for whatever you choose to do or not do...

I do wonder though... what about making perhaps, a sizable donation to ADISC... I don't know what kind of numbers your inheritance is/has to you (frankly, it's none of my business)... you could perhaps donate a few months (a year) of what it costs to run... then, what ever other donations that are brought in for that period... could be used for upgrades, added features and such... That's what I would consider doing... if it were me...

Anyway, thank you for hearing me on that... I do genuinely wish you the best for whatever you choose to do or not do...!

Best regards,


as it happens i was planning on donating something towards Adisc, just not sure how much im getting as yet, as i said i got it due..

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