Favourite Activities as an ABDL?


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What are your favourite activities as an ABDL that you like to participate in?
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I enjoy coloring myself. However I've been trying to find something new myself. Hope this post gets more replies for you and I both.
I love Lego. Awesome for big and little me.
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gaming, watching tv, legos, sleeping
Gaming, sleeping, travelling long distances, fursuiting and skiing.
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I love sensory games, where I have to guess what I'm feeling, smelling, hearing, tasting. I like to guess objects by feel, sort different-shaped things into groups, put puzzles together by feel. But it's not fair - my caregiver only lets me play these games if I'm blindfolded! 😭 Actually, I love it. I feel safe when my eyes are snugly covered up with a tightly tied scarf, my caregiver has checked I really can't see a thing, and I am all the more dependent on her.

Sometimes she tells me a story, which makes my imagination run wild. And even better is when she wraps my presents right under my nose. So far I have not managed to use the power of my mind to see through the blindfold, but I'm always hoping!
Coloring books with crayons on top of my blankie.
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I enjoy playing with cars and trucks, watching cartoons like Gummie Bears or Duck Tales, snuggles, or playing either my stuff puppies.