Experiences with these sites?

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Does anyone have experiences with the services of any of these sites?




I was wondering if the programs they are offering are any good?

It seems like something that was made a LONG time ago, but just recently updated. For starters, it is just laid out like a webpage from the .com boom, it even has a counter at the bottom which I haven't seen in wide use in over a decade. The fact that a person called "Loveshell99" is running the whole thing makes me think that this is just a joke or an early concept fir something that won't take off.

Thus seems very unsettling now that I look into it, first off, who models an adult roleplaying/"training" program after the freaking BOYSCOUTS, even if your doing little stuff, it's a bit unsettling. The fact that they intend for this to be big (even having den moms) is also a bit unsettling, I doubt that anyone who is an actual common little would support this. It gives off a pedo vibe, not just for the fact that it is modeled after the boyscouts (the group that makes bird feeders out of soda bottles, mind you), but for the fact that they intend for someone in the mindset of a 4 year old to partake in this. Also, the boyscouts are notorious for being against gays, so I doubt a smart person would model an ABDL group (which will have quite a few gay members) after them.
I'm not familiar with those sites, i would be cautious of them
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