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Help with stress and antexy?
Yep, ya bet you, try one, but I would buy a large size baby one prefably 12+ but 6+ can be good, my mouth is small and I am female but I don't know if you are male or female or have any idea how big you are.

If you like it then I would move on, I will move on once I get enough money.

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To adult sizes, I am glad you are taking the path of being a adult baby and being yourself.
am not one yet just thinking about it and still haven't put on diaper yet.
If it generates an method of resolving anxiety, it could be a coping mechanism. But the best thing to do is talk to a professional about it.

When I was talking to my councilor and we had decided that the regression in diapers is a coping/meditation therapy, We started talking about using a paci as a diversion to compulsive bedtime snacks.

As long as it is not self harmful and elevates hollow or negative effect nutritive events then it would be ok.
My mother is a therapist and knows of my use of a pacifier and baby-ish stuff. She does a lot of stuff with people who have disabilities such as sensory. She even looked at me and said "if I you are having success with a pacifier as a stress reliever then who freak-en cares." Paraphrasing a little. Its been a while since that long train ride. I had my pacifier clipped on me where everyone I passed by saw it. There was hardly anyone who asked what it was for or even give me a stare. I think I had in total 3 of the whole trip to Bronycon who asked. I wore it as an accessory to my outfit to Bronycon even and no one said a thing at the convention.
I think its a cool accessory and it helps me with stress and anxiety. I use it in private such as a bathroom but people don't think much of it unless you make something of it. Example; you walk down a sidewalk with it in your mouth and wink at someone passing by. Depending on where your at its ok to use it as well. Just in the general public its only proper to keep it either at rest or out of site like a pacifier cradle. Thats what I use.
Take it from me though I used a Nuk 5 pacifier for adults in the beginning. They are a heck a lot cheaper than Pacifiers R us but they are decent enough to give you a feel of paci. I buy baby pacifiers to add to my collection and kandi creations. I see how small they are and how they can cause your jaw to hurt after using them for long periods of time.
I use the MBA Orthodontic & Therapeutic MLT7 from pacifiers R us now. If you decide on getting a pacifier their great. Good customer service too. Which is good because their website is a little tricky to order from. I think they are working on it though.
They definitely help calm you down and put you in more of a little mindset. But it's different for everybody. Also, if I am using a tiny pacifier I find the fact that I cannot get the nipple deep enough in my mouth to be comfortable so distracting that I have to stop using the pacifier. So, I am totally on board with the suggestion of an adult sized pacifier. You want it to feel right, you know?
aww so cute has some good pacis
Paci's help me relax and go to sleep. They are also a great reliever of stress. I got mine from pacifiers r us and I love them.
pacifiers r us is good what ells is good how about onies downunder
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