Discrete alternative to disposable diapers for padded feeling


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Hi everyone!

This would be my first post on this forum (or any forum in fact) after 'lurking in the shadows' for a long time🙂.

Does anyone have advise towards discrete alternatives for disposable tape diapers that are not tape diapers but still have some of the same feeling (perhaps with a little crinkling sound)?

To give some background:
I'm a DL but my partner is, however aware of this, completely uninterested and finds the idea somewhat repulsive. We're however looking for a balance that works for the 2 of us. Something that's missing for me is that I can't get that fun feeling of wearing a diaper occasionally when she's at home (unless I would sit in a different part of the house - that's ok for her as long as it's not near her or visible for her).

Things that she specifically dislikes about diapers that I would ideally avoid in this search:
- Tapes or something that looks similar
- The overall look of a diaper
- The poofy rear

Things that I like (only the most important parts, otherwise I'd just state basic disposable diaper characteristics 🙂):
- Something with the same feeling as a diaper (around the butt and between the legs)
- Optional: Slight crinkle sound
- Optional: An alternative that is also functional

Things that I've tried or that I'm thinking of:
- Drynites XL: Gives a bit of a padded feeling and has a nice crinkling sound (hopefully not too obvious for her). Too bad that these aren't a bit larger or cut a bit higher. -> still have to discuss these with her. Possibly too diaper-like for her
- Rearz training pants: Just bought these. They give a nice feeling even though they're silent. They're however way thicker than we expected -> Not easy to hide under cloths and not really an option for her
- Threaded armor protective briefs: Currently I'm looking at these. They're waterproof (which is a fun idea as they can be more functional than the training pants) and have more neutral colors instead of the diaper-like prints on the Rearz. I'm a bit afraid that they'll have the same thickness however.

Any suggestions are welcome!
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I'd say your only options are limited to pullups. No tapes, no crinkle. Bambino has the best one. They're the Magnifico pullups. A complete flop of a product if you ask me, but I think it'll do for you. There's also the Rearz Felicity pullup that I know nothing about, but I know it's a thing. Check them out.
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