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so im gonna order some diapers is amazon a safe bet or where is luckily my dad is gone all next week and my mom knows about this but we don't talk about it so discreet would be nice to remove the awkwardness ooh and any ideas on the best diaper meaning fairly big and absorbent :biggrin:
If the order is shipped by Amazon, it will be in their "smiley" box. Anything can be in there.

There are numerous threads here about the best diapers. Maybe see if they have a sample pack of different ones? I like Tena Slip Maxis myself.
you should be good like Zipperless said. just make sure ti is shipped by Amazon and not a separate seller or you could be in a danger zone. for that i would say look up the company. alot have their own websites with the info you need on them.
I ordered from Amazon once.
It wasn't fulfilled by amazon shipping but the package was very discreet. All grey plastic.
Although if you squeezed it, you might have been able to guess what it could be.
The least discreet part was the confirmation text "your incontinence will be with you soon" or something like that.
Make sure to read the reviews for the seller
Yeah, as long as you make sure that Amazon is shipping the thing and not someone else you should be fine. You can sort out the non-amazon shipped items by selecting the free shipping or prime option in the sidebar.
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