Diaper with the tallest leak gaurds/ leg gathers? good for boosters and double diapering.

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Hi everyone,
i am looking for the diaper with the tallest leg gathers; I like to use liners or double diaper when I wear. i was wondering if any one knew. I would also love any hints and tips any one has on double diapering, or, using liners without having leaks.
thanks i was hoping more people would chime in but ilove your input i wish there was a chart or something maybe i'll mak one
The wellness superio has pretty tall leak guards...could even be 2" might be worth checking out. They're not too bad a diaper... Being thin they'd probably go alright with a decent sized booster. They do swell up pretty much but I guess it would balance off with the booster.
ok imma check them out then :)
The leak guards on the ConfiDry 24/7 are high, but those on the Wellness Superio Signature diaper are higher. The Wellness supposedly has the highest leak guards of any diaper available in the U.S. I wear for need (bowel incontinence) and thus I pay close attention to the internal leak guards.

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