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What pack in diaper bag for trip???

List below thanks
enough diapers are actually going to need always bring regular medical ones for your carry-on .cream, powder, wipes.usually for me plastic pants.edit if you're planning on bringing ABDL diapers keep it in your check luggage
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I just bring diapers, adult sized wipes, some sort of trash bags (if I'm wearing really thin ones a dog poop bag dispenser works and I have some rolls of slightly larger but still fairly small black trash bags if I'm using thicker diapers), and hand sanitizer.

I don't like baby powder and I don't think there's anything else I really need for diaper purposes, although I usually end up bringing water and a snack if I'm going to be out for a while.

Actually it just occurred to me that since I've been using a gold bond friction defense stick thingy (it comes in a dispenser like antiperspirant) where the leg gathers go around the inside of my thighs when I put on diapers in the morning maybe I should take that with me so I can reapply it if I'm out for a while, since I think it helps with thigh chafing a lot.
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totally forgot about bags of hand sanitizer that is important too Northshore care makes me nice Heavy Duty Bags but I generally just steal it from the dog park
I have just a plan looking diaper bag. It all depends how long I going to be away .
It if just a short over night trip .The usual items , BB powder, Rash Cream, Cleanse Wipes and Diapers, a few Diaper covers !
I'm not a DL so my list is as follows.