Dependeco coupons?

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Does anyone know where I can get one?
I don't believe that the person that makes them has any coupons. if you find any I am sure a lot of others would be interested.
Truthfully I'm fairly certain that the relatively small 'company' behind Dependico is just one lady (I think her name was Monika..?) doing something she enjoys/has a passion for. So I'd think the odds of finding a coupon would be somewhat limited.

Because of the size of the operation, I would think you would have better luck simply emailing the owner directly potentially seeing if you can work something out with her personally.

That being said I would think paying full price for one of her products still a good option even if it might seem a little bit pricey. She does a fine job and there aren't many out there are going to make products like those that she does. Buying her stuff is actually supporting her in a very direct way.
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