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Im going to make this a brief post basically Ive been kind of depressed tonight and a bit upset

the incontinence is frustrating as is the pain I get both are harmless and not symptoms of anything dangerous but sometimes it really wears on me
If anyone wants details of my situation I advise you to read my previous posts

I think its because Im dealing with it every day but sometimes it just really puts me in the worst moods Ill be fine for days then Ill have an accident and it all just hits me, standing in wet pants feeling like im being stabbed and I just sort of lose it. yesterday was a good day for me I had no pain the day before and Id had relatively few accidents and no pain all of yesterday until I went to the bathroom before bed and the pain came back today was full of pain and the accidents were relentless. a few hours ago I had an accident I was in pain I realised that I was down to one pair of pants and the ones I was changing into were stained and I just started to cry

its hard to forget about all of this I can be enjoying myself and then suddenly Im soaked usually I can handle it but every now and then it just wears on me and I end up in a bad mood

Im sorry for the post Its a little rambling and poorly written
Im just wondering If anyone here also feels like this sometimes and if so what do you do? how do you deal with it?

I sincerely thank everyone in advance for any replies
All I can say to comfort you is, you are not alone!
I think we all have been in the situation, where we hate our lives, hating having to wear protective undergarments in some way, light to heavy protection etc.

I have these days myself, looking in the mirror, seeing a grown up man looking back at me, but from the belly and down, dressed like a baby, and please do not see this as I embrace nor think of me as a AB! but the clothing and what I wear is just the same as a baby does, only bigger.

Anyway I quickly shift focus to other more important tasks or areas, and soon I'm in a good mood again, sometimes when standing there feeling everything is shitty, my incontinence and so on, I just carry on saying to myself, ok, I have to wear a diaper and so what! Actually sometimes wearing a diaper is an advantage in certain situations, also it helped me tremendiously, that I could carry on doing the same things I did before even when wearing a diaper.

I agree with Nottheaverageman! We all have good and bad days.

Those of us in the incontinence forum here understand. You have company not only in incontinence itself, but also in the emotional aspects. Although most of us show a stiff upper lip, inside we are likely to be feeling the adverse emotional impact of our condition and struggling to find a way to cope with it.

We all cope with the emotional aspect in different ways, among which are various means of expressing ourselves and communicating with others with similar situations. Good options are a diary, person-to-person support groups, and online medical support groups for incontinence like incontinentsupport.org. When a friend asked for advice for an elderly parent having great difficulty coming to grips with incontinence, I began writing a paper with advice which later became my own personal therapy. That paper grew and now is on the verge of becoming a book.

Try to stay as active and mentally involved as you can. If your health situation permits, physical exercise improves the mood as well as benefiting the body.

I'm double incontinent and this week had a "very bad day." They don't happen often, but they happen. I just keep telling myself that "there will be a brighter day tomorrow."

It also helps greatly to talk about it, as you are doing here. Many of us are hear to listen.:D Don't hesitate to send me a personal message.

I understand your mood. My trigger is different, but the result is the same. Dealing with continuous painful medical problems can wear on a person. Trying to stay focused on the positive parts of life really helps. Because of this, my doctors needed to know how much it was affecting my mental health and had to include that as part of the treatment plan.

Depression and anxiety are often linked and are treated with the same medications. (Not saying you need medications for anxiety or depression, merely stating an amusing factoid. From personal experience, these are not a cure for everyone.) I know from your other posts that anxiety is a concern of yours. Your posts also tent to reflect anxious thoughts. This is something that I am sensitive to recognize as I am still working toward improving my own life. May I suggest speaking with your doctor about a referral for an anxiety specialist? This is not a healthy path to follow. Please do not take this route as far as I have gone. It leads to a horrible destination.

Hope you feel better soon.
Im meant to see a counsellor very soon had to cancel twice though so far due to an inability to get there
meds for anxiety arent really a possibility as the side effects for several absolutely trashed me

I want to thank everyone for the advice I really appreciate it
Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting to appointments.

You have my support for not using anxiety medications. I remembered from previous posts that you had already tried them and could not use them. Like I said, they are not a cure for everyone. Unless someone has tried them, a person cannot understand how they work or what they do to people. Not everyone can take them. Fortunately, there are a bunch of other treatment options which can work better than drugs to help people with both anxiety and depression.
I can relate, most of the time the accidents that I have dont bother me at all. I am lucky I do not have any pain but sometimes an accident hits me hard and I feel depressed and I feel like I am at the end of my tether. I clean up and try to carry on. Whenever possible when I feel down I try to do something that I like to do. I.E. P lay with an engine, like getting one running, winding up an old gramophone and play some 78`s or get something running that has stood idle for a long time.
I hope that you are having a better week this week.
We all have our ups and downs.
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