Confined to my sister's bedroom


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There was an incident from my childhood I'd like to relate.

When I was a young boy, I did something of which I am still ashamed today. My house, (which I still live in), backs onto a playing-field. It was one summer evening when I was on it, playing with my friends. My dad called me to stop playing and go indoors. I didn't want to. I then did something appalling - I hit my dad with a wooden linen-prop, usually used to hold a washing-line up. (I can't remember how hard I hit him. but it was a nasty and unforgivable thing to do).

I probably deserved a thrashing, but my dad wasn't that kind of person. A different kind of punishment was lined up for me - I was going to made to go to bed straight away.

After being made to change into my pyjamas, I was expecting to go into my bedroom. But there was a surprise - I was made to go into my sister's one instead!

Her bedroom had pink walls, a dressing-table with some of my sister's make-up on it. There was also the faint whiff of perfume. Make no mistake, this was a female's bedroom!

I can't remember if I felt embarrassed about having to sleep in my sister's bed. I was probably more upset that whilst all my friends were enjoying the summer evening sunshine, I was confined indoors.

There was one curious concession - I was allowed to have my box of Marvel and DC comics. (Probably because it was still too light for me to get any sleep that early).

The following day, things returned to normal and I was back in my own bedroom. It seemed a slightly odd punishment, but if it happened now, I would be delighted as I'm such a sissy!🙂
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