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I have Muscular Dystrophy (Polymyositis) that affects my muscles and my bladder being a muscle is getting weaker. My doctors tell me that things will just get worse. At first it was just nighttime accidents now it progressed to daytime accidents. I am facing the fact that I will have to wear a diaper 24/7. I am going through so many emotions and feelings. How does one deal with this?
Thank you for your help.
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Have been 24/7, U-IC for 45+ years. That first week home from Hospital, I was wearing cloth diapers with plastic pants and hand in hand with my dear wife, we were out the front door and out and about. Cloth diapers of size, was something not easy to hide. One quickly finds that others just do not notice or if they do, they do not care, add mobile phones today, and one becomes near invisible.

A diaper bag becomes a part of your being out and about! Things happen and having the needed supplies makes life easier.

At home, change based on the capacity of the diaper you are wearing. You will find that high-quality, premium diapers become your go to product. How often(?), that depends on you. Each IC individual on ADISC have their own preference, relative to which diapers and how often. My personal schedule is difference from others; I wear cloth diapers of different capacities during the day based on where I am and if out and about how long. At night I use NorthShore's MEGAMAX disposable diaper with their Trifecta plastic pants. I choose this combination based on want to know how wet I am during the day and with little notice at night when I want to sleep.

It really helps to keep a journal to establish an idea as to how often and an idea as to a volume per release. This will help define, which diaper and how often you need to change.

You are not the first down this road and you clearly will not be the last!
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Thank you for the encouragement. I know I will just have to pin on my diaper, pull on my plastic pants and get on with life.
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You have a beautiful spirit , Floodingpants, and I believe that 24/7 diapering will soon become a "no big deal" thing for you . When I returned to 24/7 diapering more than 23 years ago I felt relieved to finally give up my need to try to be like other people.

You will discover what diapers work best for you and how often you'll need to change them. My incontinence pattern changes and yours likely will, too. Without making TOO bad a pun, I hope you are able to find your own rhythm , to "go with the flow."
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