Castor Oil

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Hey, so I've been wanting to use castor oil with a diaper sometime soon but after doing some reading online, I'm kind of nervous now. The reason is because people have said the effects of castor oil sometimes lasted for an additional day or two. This worries me because I can't be diapered for that long. So do you think a buttplug would stop the effects of a castor oil mess? If not, please comment any other suggestions on how I could prevent messing myself with the after effects of the castor oil. Thanks! :)
Just do a fleet enema, it's actually good to clean your self out every once in a while, also eat yogurt to rejuice your system, yogurt promotes a health digestive track
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Caster oil has taken 3 days for me to pass it all.
It also comes out as oily as it goes in, so not a good thing for a diaper.

but plug does nothing. if your sphincter can expand enough to take it in, it won't have a problem expanding enough to let the oily, greasy spooge come oozing out around it
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