Buying diapers again.

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Well its that time again for me to get some more diapers. If you know me from my previous posts I wear goodnites because they are not too expensive and comfortable. I am only down to one diaper now, I don't usually use diapers other than wetting that much because I just like to save the diapers I don't want to run out as fast. Well anyway I was possibly going to go to Walmart after work someday this week since it's on my route home from work. When buying diapers I'm always nervous and excited at the same time, thinking about if someone says something when buying and overly excited thinking about what I'm going to do with my diapers. Since I drive I can buy the diapers and put it in the trunk of my car (no one usually goes into my car unless they NEED to) and leave it there until it's safe to bring them into the house. The thing that is worrying me a little bit is that I want to get the big case of goodnites the 34 count but my bag is too small to fit the whole case, I do have a different bag I can use but still i'd rather just use one bag than two.
I just bought a case of 16 Bambinos Classicos. I live with family and could not open the box in front of them. My roommate asked me what was in the unopened box? I told her it was a dozen pairs of shorts. 3 days later she asked me what was "Really" in the box. I bought a black plastic tub with a cover than can be closed tightly and loaded all my ABDL supplies into it,,,ie baby powder, baby wipes, diapers, etc..
Now my only hope is that no one opens my tub. I used to but drugstore diapers but for adults. After finding Bambinos diapers and AB Universe I am hooked. No more depends for me. My height and weight preclude me from wearing Goodnites and anything small like that. Peace! May the diapers stay with you! Positive energy your way!
Well that is an easy fix :)

Buy the big pack, leave the box in your truck and then move them into your house in steps in your smaller bag. :)
When you are done and the box is empty, simply go to the back of the store and drop the empty box in the cardboard dumpster.
Most every big store will have a dumpster for cardboard in the back.

Enjoy :)
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