Bees in room again.

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Okay, awhile back I got bees in my room.

Now I have one bee in my room, for some reason they always fly in and fly towards my light globe, I've killed it, yes I know thats bad, but I don't know if I'm allergic, I've always sprayed fly spray around the "entry points"

so, what else is there I can do to prevent this?

odd thing is during day time they just fly towards the light globe, and I spray it, and it falls and dies... what the hell.

THey always seem to fly into my room, than towards the light no matter what. its weird as hell, and there are no bee hives near my house. maybe they get lost.
It probably thinks the light globe is the sun and is very confused. If it's a common occurrence for them to end up in your room, you may want to check nearby for a hive and/or see if there's anything about the entry points that's attracting them.
I bought a window net once to keep the flying insects out. You apply a thin strip of Velcro round the window frame, then you can attach a mesh net. I think it cost about £2.50 from eBay.

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