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Now i have seen on here lots of posts and links for bed time stories. Stories on CD, stories written by others and even links to places to get stories. All are fine and good, but my question is this. How many of you remember the days back when you were a baby or little when you actually did get a story read to you at bed time, or do you have someone read them to you now at bed time.

I have been going through a lot of repressed memories lately some good some bad a lot very scary but not one every reminded me of ever having a bed time story being read to me to put me to sleep. i am sure it was don't, but i do not ever recall it and it is something i would love to have done again, but i am not sure if it will trigger any bad memories.

So i am posing this question to everyone out there to see if anyone else has ever gone through anything similar and what results they have experienced.


Phyco Kitty Boom
I had bedtime stories read to me until I was about 6 so I have very vivid memories of that, the only reason they even stopped then is because I told my grandma that I wanted to start reading them myself but she still came in and listened for about another year. There are other things that trigger bad memories but that is usually association like I have a real issue with places that are like hording situations and the like (I lived in a house like that when I was 12 and it was disgusting). The TV show was actually really good therapy to get over it, but never bedtime stories.
You know this is something I have thought about. I certainly remember having books, in fact vivid memories of spending many hours with them, mostly studying the details in the pictures, but like you I have no recollection of ever being read to by either parents or even siblings. It is interesting as I have never had a strong relationship with reading, only ever having read a couple of novels in their entirety in my life. I wonder is there a correlation. I might add though that I do harbour an aspiration to read. Oh and yes I would really love to be read to in little space, but I haven't been brave enough to ask for that..... Perhaps one day.
I do not remember being read to as a baby or toddler, although I probably was. I know I wasn't read to later.

I haven't spent much time trying to remember but I think the earliest book I remember reading is one of the Dr. Seuss books or that book 'See Jane run. See spot play.' (I have no idea what the name of that book is.)

I read a lot. I read the Sunday newspaper pretty thoroughly, I read magazines and books. I do like reading.
I remember vividly being read to by my mom when I was very young. I had a number of Golden Books, and she would read a couple of them to me each night before I went to sleep. As a kid, I had trouble going to sleep and being read to helped.

Reading to little children is extremely important for their development as it starts them on reading and understanding language. I was always fascinated with reading and begged my mom to teach me how to read. She was hesitant because she was afraid I would be bored in Kindergarten if I knew how to read already. I did learn early, however and I've been an avid reader ever since.

My wife and I read to our kids every night before they went to sleep. They still had Golden Books, but there was so much more available. I loved to read the Richard Scary books like "Pig Will and Pig Won't" and Lowly Worm, etc.
I thank you all so much for your precious input and sharing your memories. As i have said before I have been struggling with past memories comping up and I believe i am going to ask my "Mommy" EmilyAdella to read me a bed time story in hopes it may trigger some good memories and help settle me with this. I may even read a story to her in kind to share the experience.

Thank you all. Hugs and Purrs

Phyco Kitty Boom
Sometimes even the bad memories can be helpful. My wife went through a period of remembering all the tremendous abuse she took as a child. It was a miserable experience, but after getting through it, her life was much improved. She had dealt with it and put it away. I am still looking for the keys to my past, but mine is much more hidden than hers.

Either way, bedtime stories by your mommy will be a loving and fun experience. I hope you enjoy it.
I was a always read to by mom and I liked it and brought back good memories, dad maybe did at some point by he mainly sung to me, that is one good memory of my moms out the few I had with her.
There was this one story I was really fond of as a kid, but the problem is that I can't remember what it's called. It was about a rabbit who changed the color of his own fur by dipping and diving into buckets of paint, anyone here know of a story like that?
I've seen that book recently, it's a good book to teach about colours, my tutor showed it once in class, I think it's called mouse paint it may not of been a bunny, but there might of been one
YoungYoshi said:
There was this one story I was really fond of as a kid, but the problem is that I can't remember what it's called. It was about a rabbit who changed the color of his own fur by dipping and diving into buckets of paint, anyone here know of a story like that?

Is this it by chance?
If so It's on Amazon
Aww yay so happy you found it :D
i still have my dr seuss sleep book. that's a classic.
Well everyone, I have to say EmilyAdella read me a bedtime story and to be honest it really did feel very comforting and relaxing. I had some good dreams that night and felt very relaxed.

She red me "Rock Soup" which she said was one she happily remembered as s child.

A very Happy furbaby girl

Phyco Kitty Boom
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