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Hey all,

Still going strong with the Babica PlayCrib project.

For those of you who don't know, I have designed a crib system (The "PlayCrib") that stores under you bed in less than 15-20 minutes. I am also trying to make cribs that everybody can afford.

I just shipped a King-Sized Kit, see pic below. The currency exchange is making them very cheap for folks from the US to buy-- a basic twin kit is only $425.00 USD right now. The shipping is still tricky, it seems to be up to $250 to most parts of the US, but at least the price is better.

One thing I have been thinking about doing is attending a party or event (Like US Littles) with a van load of them, so people can buy them at the convention and avoid the shipping charges. I have little experience with US customs though, does anybody have an idea of what I would be looking at? I certainly could just bring "demo models," and take orders, but if I just said I am bringing these "bed frames" across the border to sell, what would they want from me?

King front angled 1.jpg
As the purchaser of the above crib, I will post my comments once it wends its way from the Canadian west coast to Atlanta.
Looks nice
Wow, that looks really good. Definitely much better than the initial ones you posted awhile back. This looks much more polished and professional.
Don't know anything about customs so sorry i cna't help you there. But selling them at a meetups is a pretty good idea. you could even sell them at a markup because ppl aren't paying the shipping charge and it's a good way to get the word to ppl who would'nt otherwise hear about it.
@boundcoder: Thank you, I've been working very hard to master the design. I still wish I could bring the price down more, but the cost of materials is nutso for a small business these days... Thanks for your comment though, its very nice :)
It would probably be harder to get unsold merchandise out of here than anything in. Security is twice as bad for leaving as coming in.

Do those doors latch? I would probably like the other side better, but if I turn the doors to the back it might not let me out. Also does it fit a standard size bed? Would be cool for my king size. Hope it is not too tall since my room is in the attic.
@fascinating: the PlayCrib is flexible. The ceiling height is adjustable by using shorter bars and posts, the door can open in or out, with a lock or latch, or free swinging if you prefer. It will fit any size bed, because you can submit your mattress dimensions (and room dimensions) when you order. The king sized model you see is made for an 82" x 82" mattress. The PlayCrib will also fit a mattress on the floor, or one that is 4 feet off the floor.
I've had your crib on my radar for awhile. What would you charge for a full size kit?
@Miles: $650 USD Painted, $500 USD Unpainted. Shipping is generally less than $250 USD to most places in the US. So in total, it's $900 USD for a full size (54" x 75") PlayCrib, painted and delivered.
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