Anyone else playing the new DragonBall game?


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I'm wondering if I am the only one here playing the new DragonBall game that just got released (released on Friday the 5th)

If anybody is curious you can buy the game, sell the included cards if you dont want to keep them or play the DBS card game and that way if you want to try the game you will only be sitting at $20 difference

I bought the game mainly for the Promo cards (day 1 version of the game comes with the cards, even if you didn't pre-order, but I picked up 2 copies just to have 2 sets of the promo cards) but I am actually enjoying the game itself.

It's a bit odd as it's based off of a card game (DragonBall Heroes/Super DragonBall Heroes) but when you actually get to a battle the card game aspect isn't actually a huge part of it; rather you position your character in certain areas (front to attack, in the back to recover) to beat up a group of bad guys and win your battles (whether in story mode or some other mode)

You get the in game cards from an in game "Gacha" Machine that you get tickets in the game for; you exchange the tickets for random cards, but once in a Battle they are simply characters.

To me a lot of the gameplay reminds me of the old school PS2/PS3 DragonBall Z games which I loved; but it's also different from that in quite a few ways.