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And... I'm Back.

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Hi There!
Well, It's been a long time since I posted anything so I thought it best for an intro. I'm a long-time lurker who has poked his head through the door on occasion. I'm happy to say that I'm sticking around this time though.
There's been a few changes in my life recently that have allowed me more freedom to be me. I'm 32 and have been ab/dl in some form for at least 20 of those years so me and my little side have learned to see eye to eye. Well...If he has a chair or something.. Lol
Biggest news lately though is I finally ordered some diapers online. Up until today I've always gone to Wal-mart of Shoppers for some Depends or in the early years it was Goodnights. Well, I had some spare money to blow and checked our Rearz. Their a very cool company and are rather close to me in location, so bonus on shipping.
So far I've only tried the Fabine Exclusive. At first I didn't think much of it since I usually doubled or tripled up with store brands before, but after a couple hours I started to realize what I've been missing. Wow! Also got a Nuk5 finally which also feels amazing. I won't have sore teeth the next day anymore. Yay!
But anyway, If you've read this far, Thanks! :smile1:
I'm here to offer some support where I can and make some friends. I can't be very active, but I'll post when I can.
Hello Legion and welcome back to the group.
Hi Legion and welcome back. Yes, I'm still here, having fun. I hope you will too.
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