Activities to do with caregiver?

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Hi guys! ^o^/

My daddy and I see eachother on an almost regular basis, but since he lives with family at the moment, our privacy is limited. Even though privacy is an issue, we still both really want to do more together- we would even like our dynamic to be 24/7 when we finally move in together, though that may take at least a year or two. >-< The thing is, I can't think of many activities to do together. When we have the privacy to, he bottle-feeds me at night, cuts up my food and feeds me, has changed me, read stories to me, we've colored once or twice together on the floor..

So, could you please give me some suggestions for activities we can do together? c: It can be things you've done, or things you'd like to do!

- Watching cartoons
- Pre-school board games
- making a blanket fort

Or if you have the chance to go out, a trip to a mall, toy store, playground, zoo, etc.
Blanket fort definitely :eek:, play with toys, snuggle, watch a movie together or what about videogames :) ?
I think it helps to categorize it. Little kids often have a pretty consistent schedule and I doubt any of the lists below will surprise you.

-Wake up and time to get dressed
-Breakfast time
-playtime/outdoor activities
-story or quiet time
-dinner time

So, think about which of those you might be doing already and which ones have activities that you're neglecting and could add something new to do together.
Littledaimon said:
Blanket fort definitely :eek:, play with toys, snuggle, watch a movie together or what about videogames :) ?

OMG YEAS blanket fort sounds awesome :) I haven't done that in years :) as for other stuff maybe play with lego or something? haha that's what I'd do I have a big crate box thing of all my lego when I used to collect them when I was like 8 or 9.
buy you a play pen so u can do blocks and he can watch
Thank you all, there's a lot I totally forgot about. c:

I'm still interested in hearing more suggestions too!
Have you tried coloring books, or paint by numbers? :)
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