Absorbency Plus Question/Issue

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Hi everybody,

I just put on my third A+ diaper ever. I ordered two packs of 8 and noticed that two diapers were ripped in the package on the rear of the diaper. Also, there are no elastic leak guards (or whatever they're called) on any of the other diapers in this pack. I'm not sure if I was imagining them on the other two that I've worn so far.

Anyone else ever have issues similar to this with A+ diapers? Not sure if I'll be buying these again in the future.
They don't have any standing leak guards. I'm not sure what those do, personally, so I wouldn't get too bent out of shape about them. If you have rips though, let them know. They won't even hesitate about sending you a fresh pack.
I've been through a few cases of them and I think besides a single missing tape once I've never seen a manufacturing defect. No, they don't have leak guards, they make up for it with superfast wicking and pretty good capacity. Don't bother with the 3's, just get the level 4's, almost twice the diaper for not very little additional cost.
I did buy the level 4s. A little unhappy with two of the eight diapers being ripped in the rear, however. Might contact XP this evening.
if you wear these under clothes, particularly jeans, you have to protect the soft shell from the abrasive seam in the crotch of your jeans. They'll weaken the plastic and if it doesn't split just from that, it will split from being weakened.
I've been wearing them since they came out for my daytime diaper. You do need to wear a cover over them to
protect the shell. Any problems you have contact Gary and he will take care of you.
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